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Friday, September 21, 2012 @ 01:09 PM
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Beckley, WV Radon Reduction Company Tops the Growth List

Inc. 5000 West Virginia Radon Reduction CompanyBeckley residents have a new accomplishment to be proud of. For the first time ever, a radon reduction company has made Inc Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies. This radon reduction company is located right in local Beckley, West Virginia. Inc Magazine releases their list of fastest growing companies each year, and we have the honor to share our name amongst many other prestigious, fast growing companies in America.

During 2011, we installed over 10,000 radon reduction systems, to help reduce the risk of cancer for citizens of Beckley, WV, and citizens across the United States. Over the past three years, we have seen a 155% increase in growth, and have added sixty five employees. We are currently on pace for a projected $12 million in revenue for the year of 2012. While we keep increasing in size very rapidly, we have kept the same level of quality service that we have been able to proudly put our name on.

Why Radon Reduction is Needed in Beckley, WV

While many Beckley residents have already made the smart decision of testing for radon gas, and calling a professional for radon reduction, radon may still be a foreign term to many. Radon gas has been deemed extremely dangerous for your health, and has been proven to cause lung cancer. More people die each year from radon gas than drunk driving, and many other killers. The sad thing about radon, is that with a proper radon mitigation system, your health risks should greatly diminish. We credit much of our growth to the press, media, EPA, and other organizations that have made these proven facts publicized, and generated a word of mouth campaign for Beckley residents to test their homes.

Roughly one out of fifteen homes have elevated levels of radon gas, and require radon reduction techniques in order to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Beckley residents may be at a higher than normal risk level, meaning there is a pretty good chance that your home has above acceptable levels. A mitigation expert will be able to test your home, and install a mitigation system to remove this gas and allow you to breathe normal again.

Radon often appears by creeping into our basements. As a gas, even the smallest of cracks leave enough room for this cancer causing gas to enter. The source is usually the soil, in which uranium breaks down and forms radon. Although the soil is the normal place of threat, your water supply may be affected as well. With decades of experience, we are your experts on finding the source, and properly installing a mitigation system on your Beckley home. We pride ourselves on our non-invasive procedures, which will allow you to live normal, and barely even notice your radon reduction system. Make the smart choice many residents and business owners of Beckley have already made, and call S.W.A.T. Environmental.