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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @ 03:03 PM
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Solve Radon Gas Problems with Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation BeckleyRadon gas is a naturally occurring part of Beckley, Virginia’s environment. However, just because radon is produced in nature does not change the fact that it is still dangerous and potentially deadly. This is especially true if it escapes the ground and collects inside your home. Once there, it can lead to all sorts of harmful health condition, or, if the exposure levels are sufficiently high and long lasting, even to the death of those residing in the house. Fortunately, even though radon has no color, taste or scent, there are ways that you can protect your home from the gas’s health impact.

Call SWAT Environmental for West Virginia Radon Mitigation

If you suspect that your home has fallen victim to a radon invasion, you should have a qualified professional test your house’s radon levels. Even significant levels of radon gas can be difficult to detect, and the necessary equipment requires technical expertise to use properly. SWAT Environmental performs these tests in Beckley, WV and will be able to tell you if your home contains any radon, and if so, if its levels are a cause for concern. If you do have radon in your home, the next step is to determine exactly how it is getting in.

Radon is a gas that bubbles up from the ground, much like methane and a number of other natural gases. If radon reaches the open air it will not cause any harm, as the space and wind quickly dissipate it before it could become a threat to someone. However, if the radon comes up inside a structure like a house it can collect and form a poisonous and dangerous atmosphere. However, professional radon mitigation specialists will be able to determine exactly where the radon is coming from. Chances are good though that if you have a radon in your home it is entering through your basement, likely through a crack in its floor or walls, or possibly through a seam that is not quite sealed tightly enough. However, if you have a drainage system it is also possible that the radon is creeping up your drainpipe through a break in the pipe itself.

Once the leak has been located, it needs to be closed with an airtight seal — another task that the radon mitigation specialist can handle for you. Finally, you need to aerate the house to let the radon it already contains escape. Once that is done the specialist will need to perform the radon test again. If they have gone down to safe levels, that means the leak has been plugged. If they are still elevated, however, either the leak was not completely sealed or there are others still to be found. In this case, the process of finding and sealing the leak begins again. Additionally, in severe cases, you may need to have a custom circulation system installed to force radon out of your home. Considering the other Beckley residents who have dealt with this problem in the past, this is not an area in which you should cut corners. Solve your radon mitigation needs by calling us today.

Friday, February 10, 2012 @ 08:02 PM
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West Virginia Residents Have Your Home Tested for Radon Gas

Radon Gas BeckleyNo matter where you live or what type of home you own, it is important to have the property tested for radon gas. Radon is a threat throughout the entire country, including in West Virginia. If you have not yet had your property tested for radon, now is the perfect time to act.

It is important to keep in mind that radon is invisible to the naked eye, so there is no way to tell whether or not it is already present in your home. Radon gas is also colorless and odorless, so there is no way to detect it on your own.

SWAT Environmental – Beckley, WV Radon Gas Testing Company

Since radon gas is so difficult to detect, it is important to look for a company that specializes in detecting the gas inside your home. SWAT Environmental has specialized equipment needed to detect even trace amounts of radon inside homes in the West Virginia area.

Detecting even small amounts of radon is important, since the dangers posed by this gas can build up over time. Even if you had your home tested a few years ago, it could be worth your while to have the property retested with more sensitive testing equipment.

When you contact SWAT Environmental for radon testing & radon mitigation, you can expect a representative from our company to arrive at your home with testing equipment in tow. Once they arrive, we will use that testing equipment to check for radon gas in the air inside your home.

If the air inside your home tests negative for radon gas, you can rest assured knowing that your family is protected from the dangers posed by this radioactive gas. If your home is found to have high levels of radon gas, there are a number of ways to deal with the problem and render the home safe for human habitation.

The exact procedure used to get rid of radon will vary depending on where the gas is coming from. The sophisticated testing equipment SWAT Environmental uses is able to determine exactly where radon is getting into your home. Once we know that, we can take the necessary steps to remove it from your home.

If the testing equipment determines that radon gas is seeping into your home through the foundation, we will work with you on a strategy to stop the gas at its source. If we find that radon is getting into your home through a contaminated well, we can work with you to make the water clean and reduce any possible health effects. No matter where that radon is coming from, SWAT Environmental radon testing and mitigation will be able to help you deal with it. If you have not yet had your Virginia area home tested for radon gas, the time to correct that situation is now.