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What Beckley, West Virginia Residents Need to Know About Radon Testing and Remediation

Beckley, West Virginia is coal country, and this part of the country is known for its rich cultural heritage and its rich natural resources, and radon. But that richness can come at a high cost. West Virginia is also home to some of the highest levels of radon in the country, and that can spell bad news, and danger, for Beckley, West Virginia residents and their homes.

What is Radon? Why is it Dangerous?

Radon Mitigation Beckley West VirginiaRadon is a colorless and odorless gas, meaning that it could be present in your West Virginia home without your even knowing it. Radon is also a radioactive gas, and that means that it could potentially harm yourself, your family members and any others who enter your home. In fact, radon is one of the most serious heath hazards facing residents of West Virginia, and one of the most widespread. Radon is everywhere in the environment, especially in coal and bedrock rich parts of the country like West Virginia.

The problem with radon is that it does not remain trapped in the ground for very long. When natural cracks develop in the bedrock under your West Virginia home, the radon that naturally exists in the ground is suddenly set free, and it can seep into your basement through even the tiniest cracks in the basement walls or the foundation.

Radon Can Enter Your Home in Many Different Ways

Radon can also enter your Beckley, West Virginia home through the soil, since radon is often present in the ground and the topsoil. In addition to those common sources, radon can also get into your home through contaminated ground water systems, or through a contaminated well. When you contact a radon testing company licensed to do business in the state of West Virginia, that company might test the water in your home and the soil around it, as well as the air inside your basement and living space.

In many cases, the radon test you have done on your Beckley, West Virginia home will come back negative, and you can breathe a sigh of relief and go own about your daily life. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected, but only after you have your West Virginia home tested for radon.

If you do find that your Beckley, West Virginia home has higher than acceptable levels of radon, you can start taking the steps you need to take to get rid of that dangerous gas. The exact procedure the West Virginia radon company will use to get rid of the contamination will depend on the nature of the problem and the source of the radon. The remediation process for a radon problem generally focuses on first identifying where that radon is entering your home. Once you know where the radon is getting into your West Virginia home, the radon testing company will focus on blocking that radon and prevent it from getting into your home. Once that radon has been eliminated from your home, you can rest assured that your home, and more importantly your family, is properly protected.