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Radon And Real Estate In West Virginia

Radon Real Estate BeckleyWhen you are looking to buy a residential property in Beckley, West Virginia, you may be concerned about the location, size, and price of the homes on offer. You may not be thinking of the quality of the air inside the houses that you are viewing. However, if you are interested in purchasing a property, you should ask the seller whether it has been tested for radon and whether any radon mitigation measures have been put in place. Otherwise, you could be putting your health at risk and you may end up paying to implement radon mitigation measures after the purchase goes through.

Radon Can Enter Homes Many Different Ways

Radon gas can seep into residential properties in Beckley, West Virginia from the surrounding soil, where it develops naturally as the result of rocks breaking down over many years. Radon gas released into the atmosphere is relatively harmless, but when it becomes trapped in a structure, levels can build until the internal air becomes harmful to human health.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that radon mitigation measures are put in place in homes where radon levels measure 4 pCi/L or more. The only way to know whether a property in Beckley, West Virginia has elevated radon levels is to carry out a test, because radon is colorless, odorless, and has no smell.

To protect your family, it is essential to know how radon can effect a real estate transaction. If a seller has already carried out a test that shows radon levels to be below 4 pCi/L, you can choose to accept those results. However, you should satisfy yourself that the test has been properly conducted and that the atmosphere tested was in the lowest regularly-used level in the home. If the test is more than 2 years old or no test has ever been carried out, you should consider insisting that a new radon test be conducted as part of the contract to purchase the property.

Take Action Against Radon Before You Buy or Sell a Home

If the test results reveal elevated levels of radon, you should insist on radon mitigation measures being put in place before proceeding with the purchase. The state of West Virginia has no law stating that radon testing and mitigation must form part of the real estate transaction. However, it does have a requirement that all contractors who carry out radon mitigation must be fully-qualified and certified by the state. Be sure to ask the seller to demonstrate the contractor’s credentials before accepting the radon mitigation work.

You cannot be too careful when it comes to radon levels in your home. Failure to test the internal atmosphere or acceptance of a faulty test result could lead to your health or that of your family being adversely affected by radon gas. Radon has been shown to cause lung diseases and lung cancer, when breathed in high concentrations. Effective radon mitigation can protect you and your family.