Residential Radon Mitigation – Beckley, West Virginia

Residential Radon Mitigation in Beckley, WV

Residential Radon Mitigation BeckleyHomeowners in West Virginia may be concerned about high levels of radon gas. Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas which can cause serious health problems if it is inhaled. Radon is a common cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking. As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners test their properties for radon levels and implement any necessary residential radon mitigation measures.

Although the effects of radon inhalation are potentially serious, help is at hand. Experts from SWAT Environmental can visit your home and run a series of tests on the air quality and water supply to determine whether residential radon mitigation measures are required.

How Radon Enters Your Home in West Virginia

Radon gas is formed in the soil as rocks decay. It is released in to the atmosphere and, if it does not encounter any buildings, it will simply disperse. Where radon gas is released by the soil around your home, it will often seep into your house through vents, joints, and crack due to the difference between internal and external air pressures. The air in your home then becomes contaminated by high levels of radon, which you and your family cannot avoid breathing. Residential radon mitigation measures are required to reduce the contamination.

Your water supply can also become contaminated by radon, if it soaks into the groundwater ad enters your well. As a result, domestic water supplies drawn from wells in Beckley may be contaminated by radon. If your water is supplied from a contaminated well, radon can enter your home every time you open up your water supply to wash the dishes, take a bath, or do the laundry.

The location of your home will determine the likelihood of radon contamination more than its age or design. There is a popular myth which suggests only homes with basements are vulnerable to radon contamination. This is simply not correct. Any home could be contaminated by radon. The only way to know for sure whether you need to take residential radon mitigation action is to have your property tested by a qualified expert.

Our highly trained employees have a wealth of experience in testing domestic air and water supplies for radon contamination throughout WV. Our specialized tests will accurately measure radon levels within your property and identify the sources of contamination. We can then assist you to put the appropriate radon mitigation measures in place.

Our qualified experts conduct radon testing across West Virginia. We have experience of implementing a wide range of radon mitigation measures for our domestic customers. You can be certain that the residential radon mitigation steps we take will reduce your current radon levels and prevent future radon contamination. For your own peace of mind, protection from radon, and the health of your family, call us today.